Hello, my name is Andy Artyuhin.

I'm an art-director, multidisciplinary artist, designer based in Paris, France.

The main activity of fashion.

I work in different areas of modern art.

Fashion as art. Clothing as a form of media, sculpture, installation in the real world.
Interaction with the environment, person, space, context and viewer.


Works at the intersection of different media and technologies.Fashion, installation, AR, NFT. Clothes as a kinetic sculpture.
To enable the user to become part of the sculpture and to interact not only with the product, but also with the environment, both inside the institutional space of the gallery, the podium, and outside it.

Deconstruction and the study of form is the main technique in creativity. Context is very important for me, and I give special importance to intra-institutional references and homages.



2006-2011 Russia, Penza Art College,

Master of Fine Arts.
2018 France, Paris, ESMOD university,

Art Business and art direction.